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General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

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General Data Protection Regulations, (GDPR), Are you compliant with the new data protection regulations?

Deycom Computer Services can help ensure your IT infrastructure meets the new GDPR standards.

GDPR applies to any personal data, regardless of where it is stored and because we invariably store a large amount of personal data on our computer system we need to ensure that this information is adequately protected. Current GDPR regulations simply state that it is up to each organisation to put in place the appropriate measures to ensure their personal data is secure and it is therefore important that you get professional help to review the security of your IT systems.

Data protection has to been viewed from an internal perspective to see what personal data your users have access to and an external perspective to see how well your data is protected from unauthorised access. Companies will be accountable for data losses as well as data breaches and organisations will be obliged to report such events to the Data Protection Commissioner.

Deycom Computer Services offer a GDPR Technology Health Check where we will identify any personal data that is stored on your IT system and we can highlight what is accessible internally and by who, and we can assess how well you are protected for external threats.

Following on from GDPR assessment we will present you with any recommendations we believe are necessary to ensure your IT systems are secure and we will review your current backup system to make sure that you could recover lost data.

If you would like to learn more about GDPR or if you want to arrange a GDPR health check you can call 059 9130777 or email [email protected]

Deycom Computers has produced a free “Getting Ready for GDPR” guide to help you get your IT systems ready for GDPR. To access this guide please complete the form on the right of this page.


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