Remote Managed Monitoring Updates

New Security Options available with Deycom Remote Managed Services

Remote Managed Monitoring (RMM) is an incredibly powerful application with a range of security features designed to help protect our clients and  their IT systems.  Our RMM software currently includes Microsoft Patch Management, Ransomware Detection and Antivirus Monitoring as standard.

Because we are constantly striving to do everything we can to keep our client’s IT systems as secure as possible, we are delighted to announce the introduction of two new security features that can be added to your Remote Managed Package.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Endpoint detection and response, is a security application that is constantly looking at your computer systems to detect and investigate suspicious activities.  When added to our RMM solutions, should a threat be identified, it reports back to our support team and this allows them to investigate the issue and if necessary to isolate and remove the threat. The goal of EDR is to stop any rouge activity before it has time to compromise your IT systems.

Security Operation Centre (SOC)

Unfortunately, hackers and cyber criminals do not operate during normal business hours and this was highlighted in the recent HSE Ransomware attack that was launched at around 4am on a Saturday morning when most of the key personnel were not around.

A Security Operations Centre is a command centre made up of a dedicated team of security professionals who will constantly monitor your IT systems 24/7 and we can now add this service to your RMM package.

The aim of SOC is to identify any unauthorised activity on your network so they can take remedial action to stop a threat before it can cause harm to your computer systems.  Having a SOC in place helps to protect your entire IT environment even when you are not there.

We believe these two additional security features will greatly enhance our client’s IT security and we highly recommend you consider them for your business.  If you require any further information on EDR or SOC please contact our sales team by email to or call 059 9130777