Blackpoint Cyber Security – Prevention over cure, unrivalled managed detection and response for your cloud-based data.

Blackpoint Cyber, Impenetrable Cyber Security For a Cloud Hosted World

Prevention over cure, unrivalled managed detection and response for your cloud-based data.

We are huge advocates for the enormous benefits of cloud hosting over on-premises physical servers.  In our recent article which you can read here we discuss the many benefits of cloud based hosting for your business. We also acknowledge that service providers are continually enhancing their security capabilities with data encryption, multifactor authentication (MFA), and data storage in multiple locations, coupled with improved physical security in their data centres.

That said, cyber security continues to be a cat and mouse game with the cyber criminals constantly trying to breach security protocols and service providers continually creating more secure environments.

If there is one thing that cyber crime has taught us all, it is that cyber security can be fallible.

For many businesses the realisation of a cyber-attack happens after the damage is done, the presence of service provider security is huge asset when the reparation work commences. But this reactive response to cyber crime is still costing Irish firms almost €10 billion per annum.  

Countering the enormous cost of security breaches – Proactive not reactive

Given that 95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error, preventative action is probably the most important IT investment that you can make.  Prevention of cyber-attacks on your business can start with the most basic tasks such as training and education of your team to cover topics such as

  • How not to falling for phishing?
  • Preventing unauthorized users access corporate devices (friends, family members etc)
  • Devising a robust user password practice in your business
  • Top level management of privileged accounts (admin accounts)

With the next obvious step coming in the form of prevention via managed detection and response or MDR as it is commonly known.  In essence, this is when with the integration of specialised cyber security monitoring, an attempted attack is thwarted and immediately isolated preventing the lateral spread of the attempted attack throughout your IT infrastructure.

Enter Blackpoint

It might be a bold statement, but it is a true statement; Blackpoint are unrivalled in the effectiveness of their continuous monitoring, real-time threat detection, and active response to cybercrime and it is for this reason that we work closely with them in the implementation of managed detection and response within our client sites.

How Blackpoint works

When an attack occurs, detection and response times often determine whether malicious actors succeed in their efforts. With true 24/7 MDR, Blackpoint helps you fight back within minutes and close the gap between the identification of an event and the actual response and remediation. By immediately isolating endpoints, Blackpoint’s technology terminates malicious processes and stops the threat from moving laterally into other systems within your business.

Crucially, Blackpoint’s technology will keep you paces ahead of cyber-attacks by navigating the threat landscape for you and taking out your adversaries before they can see Blackpoint coming.

Blackpoint Monitoring

Blackpoint hunts proactively for evolving threats 24/7, maintaining full visibility of your entire network. Leveraging leading-edge, proprietary technology to monitor for indicators of compromise, malicious behaviour, and open risks.

Blackpoint Detection

Blackpoint technology deployed withing your IT infrastructure detects and isolates developing threats before they can spread laterally. They then investigate suspicious activity on your behalf and eliminate alert fatigue and time spent on false positives.

Blackpoint Response

In the fastest responses times seen by the industry, Blackpoint isolates and stops malicious processes. Action is taken to neutralize threats in real-time rather than sending you instructions to action yourself. You are alerted after the risk is eliminated and your environment is secured which is unlike industry norms which only alert you to take action.

Cyber security for a hybrid environment.

The implementation of Blackpoint has become a huge asset in the IT protection and security of businesses that maintain a culture of hybrid working or for those who given the nature of their business are travelling constantly. IT vulnerabilities and potential weaknesses in your armour multiply when your team are accessing your network, software and technologies from remote locations, wifi without security or through hand held devices.

We think you will agree that prevention is definitely better than the cure and most definitely far more cost effective when compared to the cost of time and money involved in remedying the impact of a cyber attack on your business.

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