Windows 10 is reaching end of life

Windows 10 is reaching end of life so what are your options

Windows 10 is saying its goodbyes in October 2025.  No more free updates, patches, or security fixes. If you’re still using it, what does that mean for your business?

You have 4 options.

One. If your devices meet the specs required, upgrade to Windows 11. Or if your PCs aren’t capable of that, option two is to invest in new hardware. Three. Buy more time.

You can pay Microsoft for Windows 10 security updates after its end of life. This is pricey, but means you stay safe without upgrading.

And four. Do nothing. This is risky. Very risky.

Without security updates you put your business and its data at increased risk of breach. Cyber criminals WILL leverage unpatched vulnerabilities in Windows 10 once free security updates end.

For more information read our latest guide which you can get here

Alternatively our team can help you decide which of these options is best and then implement it for you. We make everything easy so get in touch if you need our assistance.


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