Video Conferencing and Digital Whiteboards for a new way of working

Video conferencing and digital whiteboards for a new way of working

In a recent Linkedin post, I shared an article that looks at the Zoom v Teams debate – it probably will become as marmite as macOS v MS,  but nonetheless in the last three years business people the world over have become reliant on video conferencing tools and in the background, Teams, Zoom and Google Meet have been battling it out in their SaaS deliverables.

I am not going to get into the ‘which works best’ debate, but there is one aspect of the whole video conferencing landscape which is fast becoming a game changer and a pivotal point in the decision-making process, whiteboards or more specifically, digital white boards and interactive white boards

In recent times, we have supported many clients in their need to integrate audio conferencing and video conferencing hardware and software into their offices and place of work. The obvious solution to gathering a team for meetings and discussions regardless of locations.  But when it came to content sharing in a live environment there was always a little bit of a stumbling block – a bit of a disconnect.

Collaboration and creativity need a place to develop and be free of constraint – which is why so many boardrooms are equipped with pens, pads post-it notes and whiteboards. But how do you allow that creativity with a dispersed team?

Back to the Zoom v Teams debate, we are not having!!

Both Zoom, Teams, and indeed Google Meet have developed digital whiteboard options

In essence, they all have the same basic principles in that you can create a board, copy the link to it, and send that link to everyone attending your meeting, virtually or in person.  Once everyone joins the board, they can draw freehand and add as many sticky notes as they want, while watching everyone else do the same in real-time. Unlike physical whiteboards, these virtual boards don’t have boundaries, meaning you can scroll in any direction to create more room for more ideas.

The perfect solution for the brainstormers, visual thinkers, and scribblers amongst you… or is it?

Online whiteboards suit many but for others, there is nothing quite like standing next to the whiteboard and annotating with passion, we are all that person at some point.

Physical digital flip charts and whiteboards are proving to be a great alternative to online whiteboards as we mentioned earlier in this post, with the ability to allow users to sync their personal devices with the whiteboard for real-time content sharing and control.  What’s more, they store meeting notes and jots securely, then let you share all the notes via email, network, thumb drive or even printouts if you want.

As a Managed IT partner for businesses and companies of all sizes, one of the features of our service is in the advice we give.

If you are looking to create a brilliant video conferencing solution for your business, let us consult with you and help you identify the best solution based on your business, your business needs and the needs of your team.

Just like the Zoom v Teams debate, there is a solution for everyone.

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