Microsoft patch update and printing issues

Microsoft patch update and printing issues

Microsoft Windows 10 is a very robust operating system and it rarely has any issues, especially the famous Blue Screen of death.

It is considered best practice to ensure your Microsoft operating system is kept up to date by automatically running the latest Microsoft updates.

These update patches are designed to ensure your operating system is safe in the event that Microsoft discovers a vulnerability or when they become aware of a technical issue that might impact on their operating system.

Unfortunately, in March, one of Microsoft’s updates causes some computers to crash when a person when to print a document.  The issue only seemed to happen with certain models of printers.

While it can be extremely frustrating to have your computer crash, especially on something as basic as printing a document it should be remembered that Microsoft is constantly releasing updates and these types of incidents are very rare.

Microsoft have since released a hot fix for this issue and we would still recommend that customers continue to keep their operating system up to date and secure.

The Deycom team is always on hand to assist you with issues such as these and you can reach us on 059 913077 or email