Employee cyber security awareness

Employee cyber security awareness

Employee cyber security awareness

In Deycom we see a lot of attempted Phishing attacks, where someone has tried to send a scam email to the employees within an organisation in order to trick them into making a bogus payment or to reveal their login credentials.

The scammer will sometimes get the employees details from the company’s website and a common technique is to setup an email address that looks like it is from the Managing Director.  They will then use this email address to contact each employee, saying that the MD needs urgent assistance.  The scammers are hoping that someone will reply to them and if they do, they will try to manipulate that user into helping them to commit some kind of fraud against your organisation.

Because a lot of these email just contains text it is very hard to have them blocked and while you would like to think that no one would fall for such an attack, these scams can be very deceptive and individuals can feel under pressure to respond because the email appears to be from their MD.

Therefore the best way to protect your employees from this type of email scams is to ensure they are aware of the risks, especially if they are being pressured into doing something that involves making an urgent payment or revealing their login credentials.

To help we have a free “Phishing Attack” template that you can use to send to all your employees and to request a copy please email info@deycom.com

We also provide Webroot Cyber Security awareness training which gives you access to a range of cyber security training material as well as the ability to send “mock” phishing emails to see who if anyone responds to these emails and to then offer these individuals further cyber security training.

Remember, the only way to ensure your employees are on the lookout for suspicious emails is to makes sure they know what to look out for, if they are better informed, they are less likely to fall victim to these types of scams.

For more information please contact us on 059 9130777 or email info@deycom.com