Thinking of Changing Broadband Provider – here are some things to consider

It makes sense to change broadband provider if you can get a faster internet connection, or you can get a better price from your new service provider. However, there are some technical considerations you should remember when changing broadband, and here in Deycom we want to ensure your changeover goes smoothly.

Order a Fixed IP address

Most businesses will have a fixed IP address, which is a unique network address that is linked to your company. When you change broadband provider, you will unfortunately have to get a new IP address and it is important that you order a Fixed IP address. Otherwise, the chances are you will get a dynamic IP address, which will constantly change, and this will cause a range of connectivity issues.

Setup your new Router correctly

When you move to a new broadband provider, it is highly likely that you will get a new internet router and it is important that this is setup correctly.  Most businesses will have their own firewall and therefore you will have to disable several settings on your new router to ensure it won’t conflict with your network.

Remote users and remote access

Very often remote users are using your existing IP address to gain access to your network, and it is also common for support companies to have access to their onsite devices via your fixed IP address. So, it is important that remote users are moved to the new IP address when changing over broadband and also you make anyone who has remote access aware of your new IP address.

If you are planning to move broadband provider we would be delighted to help you plan the changeover to help ensure the move has the minimum impact on your business operations. You can talk to our technical team by calling 059 9130777 or you can email

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