3CX VoIP Phone Technology

3CX, World leading VoIP technology

Voice over IP phone systems are far from new, but the technology in this field means that the best VoIP systems on the market today are miles ahead of the more traditional telecom approaches.

Let us introduce you to 3CX, our preferred supplier of VoIP technology. Having tried and tested may different VoIP providers over the years, 3CX wins hands down in our mind. But why ?

Since it’s inception in 2005, 3CX become one of the worlds leading supplier of VoIP technology and business communications.

Taking advantage of the SIP open-standard and Web real time communications technology, 3CX has evolved from its roots as a PBX phone system to a complete communications platform, offering customers a simple, flexible, and affordable solution to call, video and live chat.

What’s more, with a customer of more than 600,000 customers in 190 countries – including many in Ireland – 3CX have proven themselves to be a supplier to be trusted in the supply of secure, reliable and effortless communications.

Reduced Costs

In a time where we are all reviewing our spending and looking to minimise our outgoings without compromising on services received, 3CX VoIP telephony can dramatically cutting costs and management headaches without impacting on the quality of service.

  • No per user per month pricing. One low yearly system cost.
  • Interoffice calls are free even outside of the office.
  • Eliminate costly mobile calls between employees.
  • Bring your own SIP Trunk and choose the best rates.
  • Many companies have confirmed their telecoms cost have reduced by up to 80% since installing 3CX VoIP technology

Flexibility – 3CX moves with your team

3CX is built for mobility with iOS and Android apps meaning that you can keep your team connected without tying them to the office building. Thanks to this technology, your team can make and receive calls using your office number, chat with co-workers or start a video call on the fly via their mobile devices. Responding to business calls, WhatsApp messages, SMS or live chats from anywhere is easily actioned via the 3CX Web Client or any smartphone.

Integrated Call Centre Solution

3CX offers a full-featured call center solution with dynamic call queues, reporting, wallboards, and CRM integration. Complex and advanced call flows can be designed using a simple drag and drop call flow designer tool. 3CX also incorporates live chat, WhatsApp and SMS, to elevate your call center into a full contact center.

Intuitive Office365 synchronisation

3CXs technology enables you to sync your Office365 with your 3CX system to automatically create extensions and set up SSO authentication. Users can seamlessly work across both apps with synced contacts and streamline scheduled tasks. Calendar statuses will automatically update to keep everyone in the loop. Calls can be launched directly from the MS 365 interface with the 3CX Click2Call functionality.

3CX is a system we have adopted ourselves in Deycom and there is no better endorsement than us using the very technology we stand over and support.

To understand how 3CX can positively impact your business, reduce your telecoms costs and improve your communications channels with your clients, speak to our team today.