Communication at a whole new level

Cloud Based or Traditional PBX Phone Systems Voice communication plays a key role in almost every organisation and it is important to ensure your phone system can expand with the needs of your business and that it offers access to the latest telecommunication technology. Deycom Computer Services provides both Cloud Based PBX phone system and traditional hardware based PBX phone system that both incorporate all of the latest technology including unified communications.


Our Phone Solutions


Cloud or Traditional

We can provide you with a Cloud Based PBX system or a traditional hardware based PBX system

Unified Communications

Integrate your phone system with your email, mobile devices and get unified messaging

Reduced Call Costs

Take advantage of the latest technology to make Internet based calls (IP calls) and make considerable savings on the cost of your calls.

Extensive range of phones

From executive handsets to reception terminals to WiFi phones.

After sales support

We offer a range of phone and onsite support contracts to ensure you telecommunication solution continues to work seamlessly

Multiple Call Carriers

With our IP phone solution we can route your calls through multiple carriers to ensure you get the best price regardless of the destination you are calling

Interested in a new phone system

The first step in getting a new phone system is let Deycom carry out an assessment of your existing phone system so we can learn more about what type of telecommunications system you would like to implement.

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