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As our dependence on internet services grows so too does the risk of Cybercrime

Don’t take a chance and let Deycom Computer Services protect your IT systems.

Nearly half of all cyberattacks are targeted at SME’s as cyber criminals pick on small organisations. This is because they believe these organisations will have less computer security in place which make them an easy target.

Computer Security does not have to be costly, but it can be costly if your attacked without it”

In recent years cyber-attacks have also become more sophisticated with threats such as

Ransomware causing huge disruption to organisations and there is an ever-increasing number of phishing attacks that can deceive users into giving away sensitive information.

It is important therefore important that originations implement a range of IT security measures and Deycom Computers can help to ensure your business is safe from cybercrime and we can implement failover solutions in the event something goes wrong;


Our IT Security solutions include:

  • Next generation Firewall technology
  • Managed Anti-virus software
  • Email Filtering Services
  • Password enforcement policies and data protection
  • Remote device management solutions
  • Secure Printing Solutions
  • Secure backup and failover solutions.
  • GDPR Information Technology Security

Deycom Computer Services has over 20 years of experience in computer security and we work with a wide range of organisations of all sizes. We can help you to assess and implement security measures for your organisation and to talk to one of our security specialists you can contact Deycom on 059 91 30777, or by emailing [email protected]


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