Offsite Backup Solutions

Protect your data with Deycom’s offsite backup solutions

Backup everything to one safe secure location

From accidental deletion of data to Ransomware virus attacks there are many ways to lose your critical data and when the unexpected happens you want to know you can recover that data easily and you can get your servers or workstations back up and running quickly.

Deycom’s Managed Offsite Backup Solution

With years of expertise in data protection we offer a range of offsite backup solutions that can be implemented within any type of network environment and our Cloud based backup solutions are fast, reliable and secure.

We will also proactively manage your offsite backup to ensure your critical data is being backed up.

Features of our Offsite Backup Service

  • Backup all devices including servers, desktop computers and laptops
  • Full system backup so entire device can be recovered quickly
  • Secure, fast and reliable backup to the Cloud
  • Managed backup so no staff required to check backup or change hardware
  • Backup all or only critical data
  • Restore to original device or replacement device if necessary
  • All backup data encrypted
  • Competitive rates

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