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Stop spam and viruses with Deycom’s secure cloud based email filtering system

Unsolicited emails can account for up to 80% of all inbound email and it increases the risk of getting viruses and ransomware as well as reduced productivity and slower network speeds. Even if you use a Cloud based email service you may not be protected from these risks.

A Fully Managed Email Filtering Service

Our Cloud based email filtering service can effectively filter nearly 100% of all spam email before it reaches your email inbox and this dramatically reduces the risk of viruses, ransomware and phishing emails. Dealing with these threats increases productivity, it improves your broadband bandwidth and it enhances your overall network security.

Easy to Setup

Our email filtering service can be setup up and operational within a few minutes and all we normally require is a simple MX record change that points to our email filtering servers.

Features of our Email Filtering Service:

  • Nearly 100% spam detection rate
  • Dramatically reduce risk of viruses, ransomware
  • Less than 1:1,000,000 false positive rate
  • No capital outlays
  • No software or hardware to install
  • No administration
  • Inbuilt mail queuing
  • Improved network bandwidth
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Individual user quarantine area that can be access at anytime

Mail Backup

In addition to filtering your email our servers will queue your emails in the event that your own mail servers are unavailable and this ensures that your email service will not be affected and you can also access your emails on our servers if necessary.

Any location

Our mail filtering service is available throughout Europe and to learn more about our email filtering service and to get a quotation for your business please contact:

If you are interested in learning more about any of our Email Filtering Services
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