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Safe Harbour Ruling

What does it mean?

Sixteen years ago an agreement was made between the United States and the European Union that would enable technology companies to transfer their clients data from the EU to the US. The agreement was known as the Safe Harbour framework.

Under this agreement technology companies committed to ensure that any data they held in the US would be protected to an agreed set of standards. However it was since revealed that some government agencies in the United States have the power to compel technologies companies to hand over their clients data and this may have included data protected under the Safe Harbour agreement.

So recently, when a case was taken to the European High Court, it ruled that the Safe Harbour framework agreement is invalid.

So what does this mean?

As a first step the EU and the US will have to establish a new framework agreement that will satisfy both parties and as it happens they have already been negotiating an update the Safe Harbour pact for nearly two years.

More importantly it’s highlights the topic of data privacy and as the success of Cloud Technology relies on companies and individuals being able to ensure that their data is safe online this ruling will hopefully focus the minds of those government agencies who might otherwise be tempted to pry on our online activities.

Deycom Computer Services are strong supporter of Cloud Technology but its adoption by everyone will be on the basis that you can believe your online data is secure.

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