Deycom Computer Services implements dependable, network infrastructures designed exclusively around our clients computing needs.  From single server deployments to multiple server configurations Deycom has extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of clients from a whole hosts of industries.  When working with Deycom you have access to:

Complete Solution

We can look after every aspect of your network including cabling, COMMS, hardware and software

In-house and Cloud Based Solutions

We provide both on premise and offsite cloud based network infrastructures and this ensures you can decide on the ideal solution that will work best for your business

Leading Brands

All of the equipment we supply is manufactured by the Worlds leading brands in IT.

Best Practice 

Our network infrastructures are designed around the industry best practices ensuring a higher level of reliability and security

Single to Multiple Server Deployment

We work with SME customers of all sizes installing single standalone servers to multiple server configurations

Extensive Experience

We’ve been implementing networking solutions for over twenty years dealing with a range of companies and industries.   All our networks are backed by highly skill engineers.

Let Deycom build your IT infrastructure

With our extensive experience in designing and implementing computer networks you can trust us to ensure your networks will meet your business needs and that we’ll take care of your network security, storage and data backup requirements.

We can look after every aspect of your network infrastructure including the structured cabling, COMMS equipment, your server configuration and we can help you decide to implement an internal onsite solution or a Cloud based solution.

If you are planning to implement a new network or you wish to upgrade your existing networking infrastructure then contact Deycom for a free networking assessment and let one of our networking specialists help you get the right solution for your business.

Take The Next Step

For further details on how our IT support service might be of benefit to your organisation please contact us by:

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