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Are you fed up of SPAM? Would you like to stop rubbish emails instantly? Our Cloud based SPAM Filtering Service will block 99.9% of SPAM Emails. Sign up Now for A free months Trial.

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Prevents Viruses

A huge range of unsolicited emails contain viruses or links to websites with embedded viruses

Clears You Inbox

How much time do you and others spend deleting SPAM emails. Stop them at source with the Deycom SPAM filtering system.

Free up Your Network

SPAM emails use up your valuable broadband and network resources. As our service is CLOUD based all SPAM is filtered before it reaches your site

Improves Security

Reduce the risk of phishing emails requesting credit card details.

Email Filtering


SPAM is extremely annoying and a source of frustration for many businesses. However it also poses a real security risk as many fraudsters use SPAM to try to trick employees to hand over their credit card details or bank details with bogus emails.

Unfortunately there has also been an increase in the number of emails with spurious links to virus ridden websites.

Rather than take the risk why not stop all SPAM at source with our CLOUD based SPAM filtering solution.

We will stop almost 100% of all SPAM emails including those that contain viruses. You can sign up for a free month’s trial and see the impact it has on cleaning your inbox. For more details contact Deycom Computer Services on:

We would be delighted to discuss any of our services in greater detail and you can contact Deycom by phone on 059 91 30777.

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